Speciality Items Hollier’s Cajun Kitchen

At Hollier’s Cajun Kitchen we do a variety of specialty items including boudin, sausage, tasso, Andouille, hog head cheese, jambalaya, cracklins, crawfish boudin, red meats, and a variety of seasonings. All our specialty items are made fresh from only the finest grade of USDA inspected meat. We also have specialty items consisting of stuffed pork loins with onion, green onion, and garlic; pork tenderloin stuffed with jalapeño and cream cheese wrapped in applewood bacon; boneless stuffed chickens with mild, hot, or crawfish boudin, crawfish ettoufee, green onion sausage, or crawfish cornbread; and chicken poppers (boneless chicken thigh wrapped in bacon).  Feel free to browse all items and come see us at Hollier’s Cajun Kitchen for all your specialty needs.